Sea Birds

Travel with us just a mere five minutes away from our docks to see the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve. Standing guard at the entrance to Witless Bay, Gull Island is home to thousands of migratory sea birds. Housing the largest Atlantic Puffin colony with 260000 mating pairs of puffins, this island is very crowded with its occupants. More than just these adorable awkward birds call this island home during the summer months, though. Gull Island has a very diverse population of sea birds, with nine bird species calling it home. Think you can be one of our few bird experts able to list all the birds nesting on the island and even the few that pay a visit? One of these sea bird species is considered to be quite a mystery, due to the fact that out of 620000 pairs only a lucky few have had a glimpse of one. The second largest Leaches Storm Petrel colony in the world, are not known to be early birds, but instead have quite the night life. They rival the daytime birds on Gull Island by creating more noise than them at night. Think you’ll be the next lucky person to get a glimpse of these elusive birds?


It is with heavy hearts that we have had to make the difficult decision to remain closed for the 2022 season.

We hope you all have a fun filled and safe 2022 summer!

We look forward to catering to all your whale and puffin needs in 2023!

Best regards,

The Ecotours Zodiac Adventures Team